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On Saturday, May 27 the 4th annual Trenton Pork Roll Festival—presented by Trenton Social, the popular Trenton tavern and community arts magnet—will take place at Trenton Social, 449 S. Broad Street. trentonporkrollfestival.com – New Jersey Monthly (4/25/2017)
A blind taste test of five different brands of New Jersey’s beloved breakfast meat at Trenton Social Restaurant, site of the annual Trenton Pork Roll Festival, yields surprising results. (5/26/2016)
Pork Roll Blind Taste Test at Trenton Social
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Home of the Trenton Social Pork Roll Festival recognized as one of the best bars in NJ!Best Bars NJ Monthly Trenton Social
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“The obsession is so strong, there’s not one but TWO pork roll festivals …”
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Chasing New Jersey pork roll festival

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Pork Roll Capitol: Trenton hosts dueling festivals

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“We are working on these traffic and micro-tourism kind of events that bring in vendors, people, energy, money into the city that help rebrand the experience in the capital city,” Nelson said. Trenton Times Pork Roll Article