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  • Hello my name is Rita and I am a vendor I was wondering if there are any spaces available for your festival our product will be butterfly fries with porkroll and cheese please contact me through email or phone (609)577-2733 thank you for your time

    • Hi Rita,

      We’re all booked up for vendors for the festival this year, but we’ll keep you in mind for future events. Thank you for your interest!

    • Hi Mike – gates to the Trenton Pork Roll Festival at Trenton Social open at 10am for General Admission, and the outdoor stage wraps up at 10pm sharp – with C+C Music Factory going on at 8pm. I hope this is helpful!

  • Hi, I’m the Guitarist and vocalist for the band the Roswell Debacle. We a local indie band wondering if there are any spots left to perform at Pork Roll Fest this year. We a three band who influences are mainly Dinosaur jr., Tera Melos, Slater Kinney. Hope we can perform for you and look forward to here back. Thank you for you time and consideration.
    Link to demos:

  • Thought you might enjoy this poem I wrote:

    Passing through Jersey

    If you’re passing through Jersey,
    stop in Shop-Rite or A&P
    and pick up a pound of Taylor Ham,
    pork roll, ground fat and pink flesh compressed,
    molded and packed in a small, tube-like sack
    with red lettering. Look for the O
    with a white cross in the middle.

    At home, score, then peel the burlap
    casing back from a loaf of meat,
    a marbleized capsule of flesh,
    sphinctered at both ends.
    Thick or thin slice, notch four times
    —like a Maltese cross but rounded
    like a fireman’s badge—and fry.

    You’ll agree: God bless John Taylor
    and God bless Trenton. God bless
    and forgive all of New Jersey
    for delivering the pig unapparent,
    refigured, dissociated from slaughter,
    transubstantiated, and presented,
    via spatula, on breakfast plates
    across the state or Kaiser rolls
    with egg and cheese and ketchup,
    wrapped in foil, incubating under
    red hot lights at any convenience
    store from the back roads
    to the clotted turnpike.

  • Hello! My name is Kayla and I am a member of the locally well known duo act called “Kay and Ray”. I recently came across the event online and it looks like such a wonderful event! Your site does not state whether or not the event will have live music, and We think we could bring a special flare to the fest and bring along some supporters! We are both singer songwriters who play piano and guitar. We play a variety of genres including but not limited to pop, blues, folk, and indie. I have included an attachment below so that you can get a feel for what we do. We can play all covers, all originals, or a combination of both depending on what your venue calls for! Hope to hear from you soon! Thank you!

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  • Hey,

    We are a streetwear/skateboard apparel brand from Central Jersey. We have sponsored and cohosted many hiphop shows and skateboarding contests for the passed two years as well as participated in fundraisers to help build our skateboarding community throughout the tri-state area. NJ is our home and we are all about getting involved with the community. We would absolutely love to be apart of the Pork Roll Festival if possible. Do you guys have any slots still open for vendors? You can check us out on our website listed below, or search ” @alliknowisgoon ” on social media ( instagram, twitter, Facebook). Looking forward to hearing back from you!


    -John Lewinski

    • Hi Stephanie – gates to the Trenton Pork Roll festival open at 10am for General Admission, and the outdoor stage wraps up at 10pm sharp – with C+C Music Factory going on at 8pm. I hope this helps!

  • We would like to apply to be a sponsor/vendor at the Festival.

    We are fully insured and have vended at many large events over the past five years Celebrate Fairfax, The Maryland Seafood Festival, The Saratoga County Fair, The New York State Fair and many more. We can fit nicely into a 20 by 10 foot space. Our stand is designed to look like an actual NYC firehouse. We promote volunteer firefighting and we make a donation to one lucky firehouse chosen at random at the end of every season.
    We bring a unique vending experience that is fun for the whole family. Event promoters love us because we are clean, organized and professional.

    We feel that your event would be a good fit.


    Kevin Coyle
    Soda City

    • Hi Debbie! Our VIP ticket holders will get a 9am breakfast buffet of Mini Pork Roll, Egg & Cheese Sliders, French Toast Casserole Topped with Candied Pork Roll and 
Mercer Meats Pork Roll Links. At noon, we’re putting out fresh fruit and a make-your-own Porkrollnita station: 8-hour slow-braised pork, pork roll, pickled onion, Swiss cheese and 
pico de gallo, served on soft flour tortillas with tequila lime crème fraîche.

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