2018 Tickets

Trenton Pork Roll Festival 2018 at Trenton Social

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Watch this space for ticket info …


2 thoughts on “2018 Tickets

  • Hello!
    How are you?! I’ve never been to this event, but I did hear it’s a good one! I’m a single Mom and I would like to know if I can bring my 13 year old daughter to this event? Or is this basically for adults only?!

    I grew up on “Taylor Ham-egg & cheese!” Love it!!
    We’re always up for fun things to do! I appreciate your time in responding back to me.

    Thank you very much!
    Linda Ryan
    Tinton Falls, NJ

    • Hi Linda! Thank you so much for your interest. There’s music (all of our bands are family-friendly) and plenty of food at the Trenton Pork Roll Festival. I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily a “family” event, because we don’t have specific activities for children, but it’s certainly not family un-friendly. I’ll have my 1-year-old son there for most of the day. I hope that’s helpful information!

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